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DHQ Sher made rounds online earlier this week after making yet another “simple mistake.”

The Popular Dancer became a laughing stock when she used the word ‘Patients’ instead of ‘Patience’ in one of her captions on Instagram.

The Tropixs quickly got a screenshot and uploaded the post which has since racked up over 1,000 likes and 300 comments.

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Seems like #DHQSher is doctor 🤷🏾‍♀️

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However Sher wasn’t having it when users took to her account to address the issue.

“Me suppose to blothcl***t dunce member a 10 grade me drop out a school,” She wrote in response to one user.

“But for a dunce girl me a do far better than nuff a you stay a home f**k box thats acting like ya’ll brighter than the world.”

“Professor come teach me please but note this gyal, nuffiesha, blothcl***t lipton hop off me nasty rass,” she added.

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