Dancehall artiste Popcaan trolls his mother, Miss Rhona, during his Instagram Live.

The artiste’s new Fixtape is doing well, going as far as to overtake Bob Marley on the iTunes Reggae albums chart. Even so, he asks his mother to promote his album at church. We can tell he’s joking and he is just doing it to get Miss Rhona agitated which he did successfully.

Most of his fans already know how Popcaan is always trolling his mother so the comments during the live was filled with laughing emoji as fans are enjoying the mother and son’s antics.

Popcaan started singing a song to his mother, “Gyal come look fi di money, I’m rich/ Tun a Christian gyal inna bad b****” which obviously riles her up cause her to push him away from herself.

The ‘Way Up’ musician then offered his mother a hit off his spliff which she obviously declined. The Deejay then says, “Dis woman inna trouble enuh, cah she nah do di right ting” which she replies back with “Ah yu nah do di right ting, you need to give your life to Jesus, yuh stay deh. It look like you nuh see seh di worl change”

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