It’s never a dull moment on social media when Popcaan is active on the timeline.

The Dancehall entertainer went viral earlier this week when he showed fans that “Survival is the key” in life with his handmade corned beef or as Jamaicans would say, ‘Bully Beef’ sandwich.

Popcaan was in the countryside chilling with his friends and decided to grab a quick snack however later discovered they forgot to bring forks on the voyage.

“We just a use we hand mek fashion,” The ‘Twist & Turn’ deejay said in the video uploaded to his Instagram account. “And over Africa, a so the people dem slap weh food enuh,” Popskull added before asking for some coconut water to wash down his meal.

Spice who is also a lover of a good Bully Beef sandwich like most of us wrote, “Right desso 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” in the comment section.

“Em bread slice deh solid like dumplin! 😂,” Jada Kingdom added.

‘Poppy a the realest no filter with his personality💯,” one fan wrote.