Popcaan Quada

Popcaan teams with his protege Quada for ‘Billion Pree (K.I.N.G.).’ The money anthem is produced by Dane Raychords in association with Unruly Entertainment.

“Run e country like Andrew / Mi spliff dem loud like speaker / Bare hot gyal ah ride my bamboo / Weh! Trouble! Mhmm,” Popcaan deejays in the first verse. “Quada push e Benz and shame dem / Unruly live pon di plane dem / Crocodile dem wild cyan tame dem / Gyal ah fight over wi, like scare dem.”

Quado then joins for the catchy hook, “Billions movement, billion pree (Weh!) / Tun on di sport pon di AMG / Gad inna di earth, man ah K.I.N.G / Billions movement, billion pree / Wi nuh chatty mout’, dawg wi nuh MC / Dane Ray dat ah speed off wid di M3.”

Billion Pree (K.I.N.G.) is currently trending at No.4 on YouTube after clocking close to 200,000 streams since its release on November 25.

Stream below.