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Dancehall artist Popcaan took to the streets of Morant Bay, St Thomas yesterday along with several community members for a peacefully protested over the deplorable conditions of the roads.

According to the ‘Unruly Boss’ who hails from York in the parish, he joined the protest as he believes using his influence was the only way to gain the attention from the media and Government.

“Long time the people dem a try get help and nobody nah do nothing,” he said. “Suh mi know seh if the unruly boss deh yah dem ago watch and see. St Thomas is a parish where we don’t have a lot of things, but right now, we’re just asking for the road rasta,” he added.

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Popcaan who has gained a lot of international attention through his affiliation with Canadian rapper Drake says he could’ve easily voiced his concerns with another hit single however he wanted to take action with his people.

He added that if government officials don’t respond within a week they will turn it up a notch before the start of the new school year.

“Unu done know man Unruly, but a peace and road mi a defend, if dem [Government] don’t come talk to we about fixing the road, we will be returning with a louder and bigger protest, might all keep a stage show,” he added.

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