Pamputtae is reflecting on her journey in the music industry after being told that Dancehall would never accept her.

According to the “Single Mother” singer, she was once told that her “fatness” and “blackness” had no place in Dancehall.

“Where I’m coming from is a far way from where I am now,” Pamputtae whose given name is Eveana Henry told The Jamaica Gleaner during an interview.

“I often heard that I would not reach anywhere, or me nah buss – being told dancehall would not accept me – because of my fatness or blackness,” she continued.

Pamputtae said those harsh words only gave her motivation, “Those things kept me going and made me realise the only thing that allows me to move forward is the love you show yourself,” the deejay explained.

Pamputtae says she is now focused on “self-love” and that can be heard in her new releases, “I dedicated a lot of time to loving me, spending time with myself to focus on my goals. It may sound selfish to some people, but sometimes you need to just be with you and work on yourself … you know that saying, “if you don’t love yourself, who going love you” … that’s what I did. It’s my new eye on life.”

The entertainer who is now rocking a slimmer figure these days also came under fire from her original fans who supported her because she represented for the “fluffy” ladies, however she explained her fitness journey started after being diagnosed with diabetes.

The dancehall artiste was diagnosed after the birth of her second son seven years ago and, with the help of fellow recording artiste and friend Stacious, she took on the challenge to get fit.