Pamputtae has always been known for her generous ways and this Christmas proved no different.

The female Dancehall star’s generosity has been evident for years but really came to the forefront in 2019 after she started her Single Mothers Foundation to assist needy single moms.

However, her cheerful giving doesn’t end there, as she is known to help countless others. This was highlighted again recently after she encountered a homeless man on the streets of downtown Kingston.

The “Fluffy vs Slimmaz” deejay was so touched by the man’s story that she felt compelled to help his situation.

In 2003, Everett Armstrong was shot and injured in an incident that left him stranded in a wheelchair. Since then, he says he has lost touch with his family and ended up becoming homeless.

According to Armstrong, he is unable to provide for himself and largely depends on the generosity of strangers. However, he says things have taken a much brighter turn since meeting Pamputtae.

“When I passed him downtown, I was on my way to pay some bills and so when he was stopping me, I kinda just told him when I pass back I would deal with him. When I was passing back as promised, I stopped and he was telling me that he wanted money to buy pampers because he was running out. I gave him that money but I knew I wanted to help him some more because him did really pleasant,” Pamputtae told The Star. “A spirit say to me, ‘video him’ and so me dweet and post it on me page. A baay people start reach out to me after data.”

Since she posted the clip, several persons have come forward, including his old friends, offering their help. Even the man’s estranged daughter has since reached out and bought him a phone.

“Mi nah tell no lie, mi happy how me coulda do dat. But even though me see people a reach out, mi still never wah left it deh so,” she said. In true Christmas spirit the deejay made sure she followed up by bringing man several items on Christmas day including food, pampers, and other products.

According to Pamputtae, she felt compelled as you can tell he genuinely wants to help himself but is unable. This was echoed by Armstrong himself who expressed hopes to start a small business.

“If I get a sewing machine I can get those stuff and sell. And I also need a battery for the wheelchair so I can go about selling,” he said. “I give thanks for her (Pamputtae) and I ask God to give her a long life, health and strength.”

“Yuh can see say issa man weh wah help himself but just can’t,” she said. “Mi really just wah him get all the help him can and mi want to say thanks to those who heard his story and donated.”