Dancehall artiste Pamputtae issued school supplies in Fletchers Land and surrounding communities, through her Single Mothers Foundation.

Pamputtae told The Star that COVID-19 has prevented many entertainers from hosting their usual back-to-school treats. She added that she ventured into communities and hand out packages to needy children instead of having them gathered together.

Even though the reopening of schools was delayed to October 5, she said that parents and children had been reaching out to her asking for information on her annual give back initiative,

“But mi have health problems so mi wouldn’t keep a treat because it’s not a safe time for that. But the Single Mothers Foundation and its partners still wanted to do something for the kids and get them some packages,” she said.

“Me still did have some people in a mi corner weh a say ‘Pamputtae we know a COVID but if yu ready, we ready’. They asked me what my plans were and mi tell dem mi have some stuff, so dem can come together with their stuff and we just pool everything together and go in a di communities and round up some children and just give them some back-to-school care packages. Mi wah the people dem see say despite a di whole corona and everything, somebody is there that still cares,” she added.

Pamputtae also noted that she already gave out 150 back-to-school care packages.

“Memba say although school nah go run the way it used to when it finally open, the supplies dem still needed. The parents dem a go deh home a help do the things and so the kids a go need things same way. We have reading books, learning charts, all the necessary school stuff in the packages and we already go to communities like Franklin Town, Tel Aviv, Allman Town and of course Fletchers Land. Next week me a look fi hand out about 100 more packages. It’s each one help one in these times,” she noted.