Jamaicans were sent into a frenzy on Saturday night after thousands sat at their television sets to watch internet sensation Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis Onstage interview, however CVM failed to broadcast the full episode.

The popular weekly Entertainment program owned and operated by Winford Williams, also shared their frustration with CVM TV on social media Saturday night.

“O N S T A G E T V …. owned and operated by Winford Williams @ our offices on Molynes Road is yet to understand the reason why @cvm_television decided to cut the broadcast of Onstage on May 4 2019,” they wrote on Instagram. “We however sincerely apologize for this very unfortunate and troubling occurrence and forward you to our youtube channel to watch the full show.”

After speaking with CVM TV, Onstage gave fans an update hours later. According to them, the full episode will be rebroadcasted on Sunday night at 9pm, “R E B R O A D C A S T Last night’s episode of Onstage featuring viral social media star MACKEREL WILL BE RE-BROADCAST TONIGHT AT 9pm on CVM TV, in its entirety. Once again, Onstage TV wishes to apologise to all our viewers for the ill fated broadcast of the Mackerel segment of the show last night on that channel (Saturday May 4th).”