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Ninja Man is not here for Alkaline and Masicka’s recent gun touting music videos.

The veteran entertainer has blasted his fellow Dancehall acts Alkaline and Masicka for their use of props which bear striking resemblances to actual guns in their recent music videos.

According to the iconic deejay, artists should desist from using these images in their music videos as it paints negative picture of the music industry, and undermines the efforts of others who rally against crime and violence.

The controversial deejay, who is himself before the courts on a murder charge made specific reference to the unwanted police attention gained by Alkaline’s “After All” and Masicka’s “Infrared” music videos.

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Last week cops launched an investigation into Alkaline’s controversial “After All” music video, following the unauthorized appearance of several police officers and marked vehicles.

The veteran deejay was quick to question Alkaline’s actions considering the scrutiny he faced following his detention in relation to a murder earlier this year.

According to Ninja Man, many of these artist need to study the law, because whether these “props” are real or fake weapons they are still deemed as illegal under the definition of the law, and artist could soon find themselves in big trouble.