Nicholas Lall, the estranged baby daddy, ex-fiancé Nicholas Lall of Dancehall entertainer Spice has responded to her recent rant.

Earlier this week, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star took jabs at Lall while purchasing school essentials for her kids Nicholas Jr. and Nicholatoy.

The Dancehall entertainer shared the updates with fans via her Instagram story, which included purchasing books worth close to JMD$43,0000 and covering Nicholatoy’s JMD$155,500 school fee to attend the Immaculate Conception Preparatory School.

Spice who has been going back-and-forth with her estranged baby daddy, used the opportunity to call him out. “I don’t hear from the father but you see him pan IG a chat sh*t,” the artiste wrote. “Nicholas how me no hear U now? Toy A soon 10 You nah try pay even 10% of one of these?”

“Nicholas Lall, school book a buy weh yuh de?” Spice questioned in a follow-up post while counting out cash to pay for the books. “Or yuh a wait until school bills over fi come pan IG come post mi pickney dem and chat off yuh stinkin mouth.”

“Nicholas Lall, yuh nah try buy even one exercise book youth? Not even one year?,” she continued.

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Lall wasn’t having it and moments late took to his Instagram account to respond. According to him, he had plans to send money to Spice however she has blocked him on all platforms.

He further accused the “Romantic Mood” singer of stealing a decade of his life, and at this point, he would very much like to be left alone, and if not, he will be taking legal action.

“When will this witch stop walk and drag my name down b_tch you block me an all medium how the fk I’m suppose to do sh_t when you block me, you like the attention that you get from your fking dumb as follower when you call my name when ever you not getting the attention you need on social media you call my fking name to stay relevant leave my fking name out your mouth witch you don’t think you done enough damage to me already you stole ten years of my life btch let me live now why I’m I so fking important. Germs send me your Zelle info further more I ask you if the kids are going to be here in America or Jamaica for school so I could send you money before you block me dog sh*t, I know you trying to stay relevant but this is not the way find song stop spread rumors, I WISH COULD UN FK YOU, if you continue to call my name you’ll hear from my LAWYER,” he wrote.