Stakeholders of the National Stadium have reacted to Sean Paul’s recent outcry over health hazards associated with having a metal plant next to the stadium pool.

Last week Sean Paul took to Instagram calling out the Jamaican Government over the placement of a welding plant next to the stadium pool, pointing out the obvious health risks to athletes who use the facility.

According to reports, the deejay’s outcry was duly noted by the facility’s management team and all the parties involved have agreed to have the issue corrected in the shortest possible time.

Major Desmon Brown, the general manager of Independence Park Limited, says he was only made aware of the issue after seeing the entertainer’s rant on social media about the plant’s location.

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Brown claims that measures will be taken to enclose the plant, which is only separated by a chained fence, so there are no issues going forward.

However some persons have since expressed concerns over the measure saying it might not be enough, but Brown went on to clarify it is the primary recommendation of stakeholders.

The manager also went on to disclose that arrangements have been made with the welder to schedule work outside the swimming times at the National pool.

Sean Paul received significant backing from fans on social media after he blasted the powers that be over the situation saying “Everyday mi swim mi taste metal inna mi mouth, metal going into the pool and into we eyes… that’s very bad bro.”

The deejay even went on to declare that he would fund a relocation effort himself if given the green light by the relevant authorities.