Mutabaruka has threatened to take legal action against Reggae singer Fanton Mojah over his recent statements.

The popular radio host says he will take legal action against the singer for slanderous comments made in a video.

Fanton Mojah made headlines this week after a viral video of him lashing out against Muta emerged on social media. In the clip, he was seen suggesting that Muta had some kind of love triangle withBob Marley and Cindy Breakespeare.

“Dis morning I get a video… di video have in Fantan Moah in deh a meck some defamatory argument. A don’t know weh him get these things… but him mus tell mi how him get dat. Weh him get dat fram?” Muta stated.

“Which white woman him eva hear seh me deh wid?  Him mus tell mi and di female weh him mention, as it relates to Bob, which Cutting Edge and when him hear me seh.  When me have dah woman deh pon di radio  Him haffi guh tell me dat or him haffi guh talk to mi lawyer.    Suh if him nuh waan answer me, him haff guh answer a lawyer.  Because dat is defamatory, not only to me, but to the woman who is mentioned inna di suppm. And obviously shi a guh hear it and den now him nuh haffi guh only converse wid mi alone, but im haffi guh talk to him fren dem.  Him haffi guh talk to me an di public.  Him haffi guh apologise tuh, because him haffi tell me di evidence weh him have,” Muta added.

The clip was released in relation to Mutabaruka’s criticism over Fanton Mojah’s latest single “Fire King.” The radio host blasted the singer for imagery which he says was not in keeping with Rastafarian principles.

The dub poet expressed shock at Fanton’s music video which featured scantily clad females gyrating. The criticism was also echoed by numerous fans who called out the “Hail The King” singer over the video.

Meanwhile, Mutabaruka has since warned Fanton Mojah to apologize for the slanderous claims. According to Muta, Fanton should apologize while he has the chance to lessen the financial burden on his pockets.