Munga Honorebel is slowly recovering following Saturday’s three-way motor vehicle crash which claimed the life of a Canadian citizen.

The Dancehall entertainer was admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital over the weekend after he sustained damage to the head and chest.

According to his lawyer, Christopher Townsend, “He received head and primarily chest injuries… and has difficulties talking.”

Sources close to the “Nah Mad (Ova Nuh Gyal)” deejay say, Munga was treated and sent home to recuperate.

Christopher Townsend also revealed that Munga Honorable was not driving at the time of the accident and believes he is unlikely to face charges.

Munga Honourable Breaks Silence On Fatal Car Crash


Townsend refuted initial police reports, citing that if the authorities do their investigation properly, they would realise the car was stopped in Mandeville by police for a spot check and the deejay was in the back sleeping.

“[Munga] was sleeping in the back seat with the young lady after having performed on a show. The car was in fact rented by the young lady, who is a Canadian citizen, and most of the damage to the car was sustained in the rear of the vehicle. That is why it was primarily Munga and her who sustained injuries, which suggests they were in the same place (at the time of the collision),” Townsend said.

According to reports, about 5:50 am Saturday morning, the driver of the Toyota Axio, with three passengers aboard including Dancehall entertainer Munga Honorable, lost control of the vehicle, which collided with a Suzuki Vitara motor vehicle that then collided with a Hiace bus.

Tashana Cumbermack, a 26-year-old of a Canadian address, who was reportedly in the back seat of the Toyota Axio, died as a result of injuries she sustained in the collision.