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Vlogger QueenZFlip is once again learning that caribbean people aren’t here for his ‘pranks.’

Just weeks after Dancehall veteran Mr Vegas flipped in his cab for touching him while playing a Drake’s ‘Controlla’ amidst their beef, the “Queen of Soca” Alison Hinds had to ‘put those paws’ on him for a similar reason.

Hinds who is also featured on season 2 of QueenZFlip’s ‘Uber driver flip’ online series, recently entered the cab and was busy on her cellphone.

“Where you from,” he asked, she responded saying she’s from Barbados. He then asked if he could play music, stating that he has a condition that makes him get crazy when he plays music.

“It’s ok, just as long as you don’t get too crazy,” Hinds replied. He then proceeded to play Alison’s hit single ‘Faluma,’ and was back to his old ways of touching and behaving crazy as apart of his ‘prank.’

However like Mr Vegas, she quickly snapped which resulted in him getting a busted nose.

Checkout the video below.