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Mr. Vegas has branded fellow Dancehall artiste Konshens a “house n***a” and “mulatto” over opinions he shared on social media relating to the recent shooting incident at his apartment complex.

The controversial Dancehall entertainer took to Facebook on Monday to blast his critics, including Konshens, for their reactions to his commentary following a recent shooting incident at Braemar Avenue in St Andrew.

According to Mr. Vegas, Konshens is a hypocrite and is “not on the side of the poor.”

“So we have the house n***as dem running around crying for blood, and we have the mulattos like Konshens. He’s not on the side of the poor. We know the offsprings of the slave master; we know that you have more of the slave master genes so the dominant part of your genes is not from the African side,” Mr. Vegas said.

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“Let me tell you something, mulatto, recessive genes, nuff a di ghetto youth dem tired a di kick down, the box down and at some point dem a go try retaliate. Because unu have unu money now, unu nuh care bout dem.”

Vegas then seemed to take it the extra mile by making reference to the death of Delus, the entertainer’s older brother.

The squabble seems to have been ignited by a post shared by Konshens on Instagram last weekend commenting on the shooting incident and advising fans that they should help diffuse a situation instead of trying to capture the moment.

Konshens has yet to react to any of the comments made by the entertainer.