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Mr. Vegas has declared that he is not a Christian and is currently on his way to ‘escaping religion’ following criticism over his new single “Buss It Open.”

The “Tek Weh Yuhself” sinjay received some criticism from fans on social media earlier this week after he premiered his brand new single “Buss It Open,” which many claim is a clear deviation from his recent spiritual persona.

The often controversial entertainer made the declaration after one fan cheekily asked “Thought he was a Christian?” on his music video for his single, which was also echoed by dozens of other fans.

However, according to Vegas, he is not a Christian and the people saying negative things on his music video are just doing it for the likes. He claims the song is just a dance and if it was anyone else many persons would not have had an issue.

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In recent years the entertainer has raised a few eyebrows after declaring a more spiritual side to himself, and even releasing a Gospel album.

However, Vegas claims he almost lost himself as an artiste through indoctrination and the song, and his 12-track album “Ism” was a way of helping him to escape his religious beliefs.

“I’m still escaping religion. When I was a Christian and didn’t know any better, people said I wasn’t a Christian. When I came out of the church, people said: ‘But wait him a no Christian’?,” Vegas said.

“Everyone saw that I went into the church this year and got kicked out. One of the reasons I went in the church was to show that this ‘Bible’ was made to destroy people, especially women, and weaken the black race.”