The mother of late Dancehall singjay Keshan, is furious at the slow pace of her daughter’s case.

Keshan, who is best known for her “The Goods” collaboration with Vybz Kartel, was killed on July 20, 2019 following an altercation with an unnamed man along Sharper Lane in Old Harbour.

Police reports indicate that the entertainer was shot once in the upper body after attacking the man and allegedly stabbing him three times.

Keshan was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead, while the unnamed man was treated and released.

16 months later, Keshan’s mother, Ilene Wright-Brown is still waiting on justice.

“The file was left at the DPP’s [Director of Public Prosecution] office, and they’re saying that the information presented was short. Now, the only information that was missing from the file was who took the gun from the guy that shot her. That is it! It has been almost one year and five months since she died, and we have gotten nowhere. I am waiting until the end of this month, and if nothing changes, I am going to book a flight and go to the ‘Hundred Man’ police station myself to find out what is happening,” Wright-Brown, told the Jamaica Observer.

Wright-Brown is also refuting police reports that Keshan stabbed the man three times, and he retaliated by shooting her once in the upper body.

“Keshan did not stab that boy! Yes, she threw stones in his car, but she never stabbed him and from the incident happened, the police are saying it’s self-defence. I said this is a lie. Keshan was so afraid of knives till she took the longest in our house to cook, simply because she did not want to use a knife to cut up anything,” she said.

Wright-Brown told The Observer that her four children were grown up in a peaceful home, and none of them were ever violent.

“I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and that’s how I grew them. Dem nuh go a road. If you ask anybody in the community [Marlie Mount], they have nothing bad to say about those children. I am confident that whatever is being reported about self-defence is false. Weh Keshan a do wid knife?” she continued.