Minister Marion Hall is planning a grand return to the Dancehall scene in order to win souls for God.

Hall, who formally known as Lady Saw says God is sending her on a mission into Dancehall to win souls.

The ordained minister and gospel artiste shocked the world five years ago after leaving the Dancehall space. She now says God is shifting her purpose to tackle the demons in Dancehall music.

Minister Marion’s declaration comes days after she clashed with spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith, who accused her of practicing obeah.

“You think God would call a woman like me who was so bad out there in the dancehall and just put me to sit down and not revisit the dancehall to win some souls?” she asked during her Sunday service on Facebook.

“The devil is a liar, wherever he leads I will follow. A who tell dem fi call me out? They don’t understand my calling and if they don’t understand it it does not matter one bit to me God. They perplexed the wrong woman of God.”

Last week veteran entertainer Mr. Vegas called out Hall over her reaction branding her a hypocrite.

According to Vegas, if Hall was a true Christian she would have ignored the controversy as the Bible instructs. He also mocked her efforts to return to Dancehall, claiming she is envious of the current crop of female acts.

“As soon as they hear, ‘Mi soon alright, mi soon alright’ them seh, ‘She gone back to being to Lady Saw’, oh, ‘She resurrect Lady Saw’ – no no no,” he said.

However, Hall seemingly clapped back at the criticism saying her talents can be used for good too.

“Lady Saw spirit is dead but the spirit of the Lord is upon me so if I shout with a big voice like Lady Saw is it a problem? It was not a problem when I was shouting for the devil and I was giving the devil praise… I have a voice. God gave me this voice, God gave me a talent, I was just using it the wrong way singing all kinds of explicit songs but now I can come back into the dancehall and tear up some demons and cast out some spirits that don’t belong in there.”

“I remember inna dancehall all kind of dirtiness but now that I have Christ who is in me, the holy spirit will guide me to deal with all that the enemy has set up and when I go in this time I am stronger. I am not looking from a physical lens, I am looking from a spiritual lens… If I have to go among the wolves, that is where I’m going… I’m not going in dancehall for money. I’m not going in there for the crown. I’m still there preaching but I’m going to do some songs.”

During the service, Hall also addressed Facebook spiritualist Prophetess Divine, who supported Smith’s claims. 

“She start to look attention from me but it’s not going to happen,” Hall clapped back. “They’re using the opportunity with my name to run with it and get fame from it. As soon as we answer back, clap back, some of them have a problem with it. God don’t have a problem with it because God didn’t give me the spirit of fear… They called me out so I’m going out. I was invited into the dancehall so Minister Hall is returning to the dancehall to bring some people to Church Hall.”

The 51-year-old Hall is widely regarded as one of the most prominent Dancehall acts of all time. In 2004 she became the first female Dancehall artiste to win a Grammy for her collaboration Underneath It All with No Doubt.