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Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, has defended controversial rapper Kanye West, after an upset fan bashed him on social media.

The irate fan had expressed his anger towards West for surpassing pop legend Michael Jackson on Billboard list of artists with the most Top 40 records saying “screw Kanye West” on one of Paris’ Instagram posts.

The comment was however not encouraged by the young Jackson, who quickly shut the fan down by revealing that he father was actually a big fan of Kanye, and that his 808s & Heartbreak album was actually one of his favorite.

“@corey__young the first time i ever heard kanyes heartbreak album was from my dad, he played it for me all the time,” Paris Jackson wrote. “he liked him. he never saw music as a competition or a game, never had a motive to talk shit about other artists. it was always about the love and respect and appreciation for music. so if someone breaks a new record, be happy for them. they worked hard for it and they earned it. don’t be angry or jealous or bias. music is music and if it’s good it deserves recognition.”

The Chicago rapper infamously once declared himself “the next Michael Jackson,” but who knew the king himself was actually a fan.