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Five people related to Mavado were detained on Tuesday at the Constant Spring police station in relation to the uproar of violence in Cassava Piece.

The Dancehall entertainer’s 16-year-old son, brother, cousin and nephew Chase Cross were taken into police custody when law enforcement officers went to the ‘Big League’ deejay’s Norbrook residence in search of him.

Those detained will be questioned regarding crimes committed in the St Andrew community.

Lawmen confirmed that Mavado who is wanted for questioning has left the island.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is asking the ‘Gully Gad’, real name David Brooks, to report to the Constant Spring police station by midday today, June 6.

According to the police, they believe Mavado can assist with an ongoing investigation. Persons are asked to call 1876-924-1421 if they know his whereabouts.

Latest On Mavado Cassava Piece Incident: Shooter Arrested

The announcement was made hours after the gruesome murder of a 23-year-old man in Cassava Piece, St Andrew early Tuesday morning.

The deceased has been identified as Lorenza Thomas, otherwise called ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’.

Thomas was reportedly at home early in the morning when armed men kicked in the door to the house that he occupied and shot and then chopped him to death. His body was then set ablaze by his attackers.

Violence sparked in the community over the weekend, following the shooting incident involving Mavado.

Shortly after a man associated with the Dancehall entertainer was shot and killed on Saturday, he has been identified as Ian Robinson, otherwise called ‘Gaza Man’.

Robinson was reportedly murdered behind the Constant Spring market on Saturday shortly after a gunman opened fire at Mavado in Cassava Piece.

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