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Mavado is back in Jamaica following months of controversy surrounding his shooting incident in Cassava Piece back in June.

The “Progress” deejay is now back in the island following months of tension and controversy surrounding a shooting incent which took place in his hometown community of Cassava Piece.

The Gully Gad took to Instagram earlier this week to post a photo of himself sitting on top of his newly constructed Apartment complexes overlooking Kingston with the caption “Sunday Progress.” 

Fans also took to social media to have their say on the deejay’s moves. “Gaza me say forever but bredda mavado living f**king legend….me proud a di dawg,” one fan wrote while another commented “Well deserved I love him very smart. #internationalmesay.”

Mavado Staying Strong Despite Son’s Legal Troubles

Mavado’s return to the island comes months after cops demanded that he turn himself in for questioning following a flare-up of violence in the community including the shooting death of one man.

The deejay’s teenage son was later arrested and charged with the death of a man, 23-year-old Lorenzo Thomas, who cops say was shot, chopped and burnt to death at his home in Cassava Piece.

Last month Fans took to social media blasting the entertainer claiming he had abandoned the teen to face a legal battle on his own, however, these claims were quickly dispelled by the entertainer’s representatives revealing that deejay was doing everything in his power to have his son exonerated.