While Mavado’s legal team is still unable to determine when the deejay will meet with cops at the Constant Spring Police Station, law enforcement officers have issued a final warning.

Mavado is being warned to turn himself in for questioning related to the flare up of violence in his Cassava Piece, St Andrew community.

According to investigators, they were informed by Mavado’s attorney, Tamika Harris, that he is overseas fulfilling a contractual obligation however they were not given a specific time he would return to Jamaica.

Mavado’s 16y/o Son Transferred, Chase Cross Charged

The police say they will not sit and wait for the Dancehall entertainer indefinitely.

Head of the St Andrew North Police, Superintendent Glenford Miller, say they are still giving Mavado the opportunity to turn himself in however they will reach out to their law enforcement counterparts in the United States and ask for assistance if necessary.