Dancehall star Masicka is not afraid of doing a little hard work.

The Genahsyde deejay uploaded a video online while on a construction site loading up buckets of sand using a shovel.

“A who want piece a the work,🤣 ya fi big up the site man dem no lie,” Masicka captioned the post as he puts in the work.

Last month, the Promise deejay revealed that he was building his very own recording studio.

Masicka is building the studio at his home in Kingston and used the opportunity to take shots at veteran artistes who squander their earnings.

Speaking on Instagram Live the Stay Strong deejay urge Dancehall artistes to invest wisely in their careers, “Some boy a talk bout work and them nah do no work you know how long dem a sing song and nah invest inna dem thing ya,” Masicka said.