Masicka is currently burning up the airwaves with his latest release “Born Winner.”

The Genahsyde deejay joins Shab Don Records’s new “One Don Riddim” for his latest offering, a hardcore hustler anthem.

“Born Winner” is Masicka’s third song for summer 19 and follows the release of “Living Legend” and “Drugz Lawd.”

“Born Winner, Born Winner / If a nuh di bank a p***y mi gone inna / Glock pon mi belly dem wah mi fall in yah / Man a move to di food di dawg dem wah dinner (Aaye) / Born Winner, Born Winner / Roll out inna all Benz all Beemer/ F**k fi di money, aye gyal ya sinner (Pow) / Inna face weh we fire corn inna (Corn inna),” Masicka spits in the chorus.

Listen Masicka new song “Born Winner” below.