Dancehall star Masicka is putting his money to good use.

The Genahsyde deejay recently took to social media to showcase his brand new recording studio which is currently under construction.

Masicka is building the studio at his home in Kingston and used the opportunity to take shots at veteran artistes who squander their earnings.

Speaking in the video the “Stay Strong” deejay urge Dancehall artistes to invest wisely in their careers, “Some boy a talk bout work and them nah do no work you know how long dem a sing song and nah invest inna dem thing ya,” Masicka said.

The entertainer revealed that the reason for constructing the studio at home is to give his children an early start on their musical journey, “Teach me little son the music, teach me little daughter dem the music,” he said.

“You affi a make decisions fi the youth dem rich too feel like we a wokliss boy, drink out we money, smoke out we money, gyal out we money like some clown. Gyal gone go f**k different man and gone left you,” Masicka continued.

“Stop follow up some waste gyal and run backa some cayliss gyal like uno a idiot, waste uno money then a talk bout people a fight uno inna music,” is the advice he distributed to his coworkers. “Wol heap a money uno make p**sy a true uno no have no sense, dunce uno dunce, that’s why uno can’t achieve nthn. Hey boy me no like uno enuh!”

Masicka once again took jabs at fellow entertainers saying, “Can’t be an artiste and no have a studio you a waste man. Any boy wa seh him a artiste and do 5-6 years inna the business and no do dis you a b**tyboy, waste man.”

Watch Video Below.