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Marvin The Beast is reportedly cheating on his longtime girlfriend DHQ Nickeisha.

The cheating rumors started circulating on Friday after a raunchy video surfaced on social media of the controversial dancer.

In the clip which was uploaded on Instagram, the beast can be seen naked in bed. There has been much debate on the origin of the video however it was allegedly recorded and sent to Marvin’s new partner.

According to sources close to the couple, Nickeisha is aware of the cheating allegations and viral video however she has no intentions of leaving him anytime soon as they duo is good for business.

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“Right now is money talk and bullsh** walk, mumma [DHQ Nickeisha] is all about her money because she has a family to take care of,” sources said. “Suh she seh she nah lef the bwoy [Marvin The Beast] fi now because they are more than a couple is a business relationship.”

Marvin and Nickeisha now take bookings together since her split with DHQ Sher and Renee 630, the two performed in the Cayman Islands last night and was recently in Canada.