Is Majah Hype back with his ex-fiance Kirby? fans seem to think so.

Fans have been left confused after Majah Hype recently posted an image that hinted at a reunion with his ex Kirby.

The comedian recently took to his Instagram to post a photo of himself holding a woman’s hand. Although the woman’s face is not shown some fans are already speculating that it is in fact his ex-fiancee, Kirby.

“A man that s truly genuine does not keep changing his colors. Real gold never rusts. If someone is really solid and golden, they will be unbreakable. Not even time can destroy its shine,” he wrote on the pic.

Despite speculations, Majah Hype is yet to confirm or deny the rumors. However, it seems fans have done their own detective work, with some claiming to match the hand to Kirby based on nail polish colors.

In recent weeks, both Majah Hype and his ex, Latisha Kirby, have been dominating social media headlines following a nasty split.

The comedian was received heavy backlash after Kirby claimed she was physically abused during their relationship. The fiasco took another twist after several explicit videos were leaked, showing Kirby with multiple men.

The situation would reach a climax when Majah Hype took Instagram Live to give his side to the story. According to him, he was also verbally and emotionally abused during the relationship. He would also go on to show thousands of viewers evidence Kirby was cheating throughout their relationship.

Sources say Kirby has since filed a civil lawsuit against the comedian, which could result in a hefty payday.