Sherlette Black, the mother of internet sensation Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis has sought to address her recent Onstage TV interview.

Over the weekend, 18-year-old shared the real and heartbreaking story about why she launched a career in “Tekking People Man” during her candid interview with Winford Williams.

According to Mackerel, she was forced her to start living with older men at the age of 15 as a means of survival and avoiding homelessness.

She added that all she ever wanted was love because her parents failed to show her affection, “Mi did just want love me nah tell nobody no lie,” Mackerel, whose given name is Ladasha Francis told Winford Williams. “Mi just did want love and mi did a get it, me never have a mother who hug me and tell me when mi get up everyday say she did love me and them something deh.”

After watching the interview, Mackerel’s mother is now hitting back saying there’s three sides to a story. Watch her reaction below.