Over the last few months internet trolls have savagely targeted Dancehall entertainers including Macka Diamond.

From attacking the veteran entertainer’s appearance to music nothing seems off limits. However Macka Diamond is in good spirits and won’t let haters get her down.

The “Dye Dye” singer took to social media recently to uploaded a photo addressing her critics. Macka Diamond stated that she was doing music for love and not for likes, “You all rule me out so i don’t need your advise,” she wrote.

Macka Diamond Says She’s The Best Looking Female In Dancehall

“You are are said trying to be who you’re not, i’m happy with me. I’m representing me, f**k you all if it wasn’t for me i wouldn’t have made it.”

Despite the hate, Macka Diamond added that she will be “going further and better.”

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