Macka Diamond thinks that Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson’s recent breakup is a publicity stunt.

The “Cucumber” deejay revealed her opinion on the highly publicized breakup during a recent Instagram Live. She made the comments after being asked by fellow entertainer A’mari ‘DJ Mona Lisa’.

“I think so, that is what I honestly think,” she said. “For me, the love weh mi did see between Krystal and Beenie – and Beenie seemed ready to settle and he found a very intelligent woman who was putting him in the right direction – mi nuh see him a lef har.”

According to Macka, the breakup is not real, and if it is, they will eventually reconcile.

“Mi think dem a go get back together; a suh relationships stay, it have its ups and downs,”she said. “A just because people business a come out inna the media more often now but a whole heap a people go through weh Beenie and Krystal go through…”

Interestingly, Macka Diamond herself is no stranger to PR stunt as shewas recently accused of such a feat.

Last month Macka was heavily criticized following her ‘spiritual deliverance,’ with some fans calling ita PR stunt.

Macka’s actions followed allegations made by Spice’s former friend and spiritual advisor Nardo “RT Boss” Smith. The controversial figure claims that he helped to hold Macka’s career back in order for Spice to thrive.

However, Macka has since hit back insisting the incident was not an act.

“If somebody seh me do publicity stunt I don’t think it is that,” she said. “I do promotion towards my songs, my albums, whatever, so sometimes you might see somebody doing a promotion and dem run wid it and seh, ‘A dat and dat’.”