Macka Diamond

The Tropixs (Kingston, Jamaica) – Macka Diamond has declared that she has no plans to retire from Dancehall anytime soon.

The “Cucumber” deejay says she has no plans to retire from the genre despite the criticism of some fans, in fact, she says she has big plans to kickstart several business ventures.

According to Macka Diamond, she already has plans underway to start a YouTube Channel called Naturally Happy, which will see her sharing her health secrets with fans who have expressed curiosity over her younger-slimmer looking physique.

“A lot of people want me to talk to them about their health, so it is definitely a new venture coming for me,” Macka said during an interview.

The “Whoola Hoop” star also revealed that she has big plans to enter the vaginal-steaming business and has already launched her “Pink Pearl Steaming” brand, which fans can expect soon.

“Other stuff that I am naturally doing also has inspired me. So I am coming out also with my spa steaming for the ladies private parts,s which is natural. So if the ladies have belly pain or are going through your monthly problems, you can sit over the steam and you’re gonna feel better,” she explained.

The veteran Dancehall deejay, who has been in the business since the late 80s, says she has no plans to retire and claims 2019 has actually been one of her most successful years to date, with several international bookings in Seychelles, the United States, and Canada.

“Retirement for me is when you no have no more life inna yo baddy. I am doing me; I am just doing music. I still sound good; I still have my style. I don’t sound any different and God is still blessing me so I am still working with what God has in store for me…my energy is: keep going until death do me and music part,” she said.