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Macka Diamond has seemingly confirmed that she is currently in a love triangle with Dancehall artiste Spotlight Kunta.

Earlier this week the veteran Dancehall artiste uploaded a video seemingly with around JMD $400,000 claiming she just got it from her lover. “When yah good gyal man spend,” Macka said in a video while showing off the stacks of cash in her car, “Thank you bae!.”

The ‘Dye Dye’ singer captioned the clip saying, “True he knows a me say #Moneyooh ????? he spoils me awww thank u my King [Spotlight Kunta].

The two were then spotted out on Thursday night at a International Women’s Day 2018 concert.

Macka stepping out with Kunta comes just weeks after his fiancée took to social media to threaten the ‘Cow Foot’ deejay for trying to steal her man.

“Mi a come a Jamaica come tear off piece a yuh goddamn face. Spotlight don’t want you. Me hear say him spend US$2,200 pon clothes fi yuh do video, but you nah get a dollar more you tired, ratchet, fake, old b***h. A rob you a try rob a cradle? Yuh face fava when flowers pot mash…yuh old, yuh heel back a rub, yuh a almost 50, get a life b***h!,” she wrote.

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Macka immediately hit back saying, “Come face me nuh! You think me fraid a you and what you a say Internet bad gyal … kmt.”

The entertainer later confirmed that she was taken on a ‘well deserved’ shopping spree saying, “Yes, him [Spotlight] haffi spend the money because when gal good, gal good. Him have to spend his money because me treat him like how a real woman should. The time she [Spotlight’s fiancée] take a trace, she go should a try learn a ting or two from me,”

According to Dancehall insiders, Macka and Spotlight previously dated. He infamously starred in the music video for her smash hit single ‘Bun Him.’ However it seems the old flames have ignited once again.