Macka Diamond has broken her silence on rumours that Spice beat her up ahead of their 2012 Sting performance.

Speaking on Instagram Live, the “Dye Dye” singer revealed that she had taken Spice under her wing before their fallout, and recalled the incident which took place when she brought her on a show in St Elizabeth.

Macka Diamond said she decided to give the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star the bigger room in the hotel suite as she travelled with her spouse, while she bunked it with the dancers.

“When me come, gyal a war wid me over hotel room,” Macka Diamond told viewers during her IG Live “Di hotel a nuh even one five-star or nothing… She come up inna mi face and a point up inna mi face… Mi have one Timbaland slippers, memba seh me tall enuh, mi a five-feet-seven, so how gyal fi beat me? A point di gyal a point inna mi face and a loud up har mouth and mi tek di slippers and lick har inna har head.”

According to the veteran Dancehall artiste, the opposite narrative was spread to boost Spice’s performance at Sting.

“She did haffi just run wid something because dem a look hype fi go a Sting… A me bring har go di show enuh, and when we reach a di show she mek har friend dem boo mi offa di stage so a suh it really go.”

“Mi nah look no hype and mi nah fi tell no lie because Lady G and me talk bout it since night,” she said. “Mi nah fi go round and a try feel like mi waan bring dung nobody…nobody never beat me. Try memba di slippers weh land inna yuh headtop. A money mi come and seh inna di music business. Mi nuh waan nuh crown pon mi head because it nah go fit mi donkey teeth dem or mi donkey face,” She continued.