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Former Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna seems to have incurred the wrath of the church, as she was recently criticized by popular clergyman Father Richard Ho Lung over a picture she posted to her Instagram account.

The former Miss World winner was blasted by the clergyman after she uploaded a revealing bikini photo on her 42nd birthday, showing off her stunning physique.

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According to Ho Lung, as a influential public figure, Hanna should be careful of the images she promotes as they can evoke certain passions in people and become a source of temptation.

This is not the first time the pastor has criticized the female politician, as he previously blasted her in 2015 for a similar incident.

Despite Ho Lung’s comments, Hanna has received mostly positive support from fans on social media, who have complimented the former Miss World on maintaing her stunning looks for her age.