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Opposition Spokesperson on Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna is also joining the growing list of Jamaican public figures rallying against Ishawna.

The former Downsound records artist found herself in hot water earlier this month when she disrespected legendary Jamaican poet Louise Simone ‘Miss Lou’ Bennett-Coverley referring to her traditional Bandana outfit as ‘Table cloth.’

On Saturday, Media personality Miss Kitty blasted the “Equal Rights” singer during her stint on Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest 2017, “Nuh dish towel cyaa diss Miss Lou… big up gal weh can read and write and these things,” Kitty told the audience.

Ishawna Responds To Dissing Miss Lou, Says Miss Kitty Needs More Surgery

Kitty then took to her Instagram account to upload a photos rocking Bandana and Bandana-inspired outfits while taking jabs at Ishawna once again with a Jamaican proverb.

“Throwback any day, any time, any where ?? “Talk and taste yuh tongue” (Think before you speak) – Jamaican Proverb #tbt 2014,” she captioned another.

Lisa Hanna also uploaded a photo of her own in full agreement with Kitty, “Agreed @fluffymisskitty  Throwback November 1993 #Bandana #NationalCostume #MissWorldCompetition1993 #MissJamaicaWorld1993.”

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