Lila Iké has issued a warning to disc jockeys as an impersonator is making fake dubplates.

The Rising Reggae artiste shared the advisory on social media earlier this week when she posted a video of a scammer pretending to be her in studio.

“F A K E! FAKE! FAKE! Posting this temporally to say two things,” Lila Iké captioned the video. “1. A nuh so we kill sound bruh, 2. To get a Lila Ike dubplate send an email to [email protected] or link @dainjamental_dpk !!! ONLY, she continued.

Lila’s post got the attention from several entertainers including members of her In.Digg.Nation outfit. “Hell is this?”, Protoje wrote in the comment section, while Naomi Cowan said, “First of all this is NOT how we kill sound.”

Dancehall recording artiste Ce’Cile also chimed-in, “A nuh not nowww ….long time we a get diss but dem never bright fi alla do video to r___as….She fi get a small verbal bad up still.she might no know a wa she a do butttttt dem a tieffff same way…wickednesssssssss,” she wrote.