Lady Ann says she is not sorry for her controversial tribute at Sister Charmaine’s funeral last Saturday.

The veteran Dancehall superstar caught some flack this week after performing at Sister Charmaine’s funeral. Fans were outraged after she decided to perform Sister Charmain’s 1980s raunchy single “Glammity.”

Earlier this week dozens of fans took to social media to voice their outrage at the tribute, blasting the star.

“This is so inappropriate smh,” one fan complained, while another added, “Oh Jesus. That’s y when pastor seh dem naah accept certain people body unnu nuffi complain.”

However, despite the backlash Lady Ann says she is not sorry for the tribute, claiming Sister Charmaine would have been happy.

“Charmaine would have loved that performance. Mi turn around and face the coffin so it was a tribute to her, mi know say she happy and she dance and she skin out in de, ah fi har style dat,” she declared.

“Ah the pull up everybody see with only the Glammity, but after that, mi do ‘mi is a girl from country’, and the whole church start rock, the church mash up, even the pastor start rock cause everybody start laugh. It wasn’t a disrespect, mi no deejay slack songs. But what is glammity? It just mean something tight, anno nothing negative, glammity is something good, people ah tek it the wrong way,” she added.

Lady Ann performed the track during last Saturday’s funeral service for the late star. It was held at the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church in the Bronx, New York.

Prior to the controversial moment, Lady Ann had started off with the gospel song, Closer Than a Brother. However, she quickly flipped the script by dropping Sister Charmaine’s Leave The Glammity and Granny Advice.

Sister Charmaine was one of the biggest female artists in the 1980s, with several chart-topping singles. Some of her biggest hits include, Granny Advice, Strong Body Gal, Tightness, and Man Look Nice.