Sister Charmaine and Lady Ann

Lady Ann has sparked controversy after performing a raunchy track at Sister Charmaine’s funeral.

The veteran Dancehall sparked controversy over the weekend she paid tribute to her friend by performing her raunchy track “Glammity.”

Fans were outraged on social media as a clip of Lady Ann performing at the funeral emerged on social media. In the clip, the deejay can be heard performing Sister Charmaine’s raunchy 1980s hit single “Glammity.”

It had been smooth sailing prior to that, as she performed the gospel track, “Closer Than a Brother.” However, things were quickly flipped as she “drew for the “Glammity” sending the church into a frenzy.

Dozens of fans have flocked to social media to voice their opinions, with many blasting the star.

“Could have waited for the grave side maybe ??,” one fan questioned, while another joked “Have di whole church a shift in dem seat 😂😏 God bless har.”

Sister Charmaine was laid to rest last Saturday at the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church in the Bronx, New York.

Sister Charmaine was one of the biggest female artists in the 1980s, with several chart-topping singles. Some of her biggest hits include, Granny Advice, Strong Body Gal, Tightness, and Man Look Nice.