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Konshens is paying homage to Mavado and his career as he strives to build a fanbase that supports his motivational singles.

The International Recording artist took to his Instagram account on Monday to give the ‘Gully Gad’ a huge shoutout as he talks about his music and journey in Dancehall/Reggae industry.

“Big up GULLY,” the ‘Bruk Off Yuh Back’ deejay titled the lengthly post.

“Powerful music, songs coming from the heart and delivered with sincerity. Feel every word. It has been and still is my dream to have my music touch peoples lives not only from an enjoyment standpoint but also my music that uplifts empowers teaches motivates and provides a voice for the youths,” he wrote.

“I love sexiness and party and excitement and to provide stress relief for a very stressful world. But really and truly and HONESTLY these are not the things that mean the most to me. They definitely pay!! And i definitely love it ALL. But i really feel like im operating at 20% of my potential and not fulfilling my true calling.”

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Konshens continued by saying, “My older fans know what i mean but i have a legion of new fans that know me solely for “party music and gal songs”. I love and appreciate ALL my fans and ALL the great things happening in my career. But after the girls scream and the crowd dances and i take all the pics and count the money…. that feeling comes over me…. MORE!! Money plan, do di work, ruff a road, who is a fren, no joke feat.Singa j, protect me, hustle hard, never leave god, winning, money a the topic, hustle everyday, its gonna be ok, ease, jah never leave i, suh mi program, original daddy, morning medz, independent girl, beautiful, jah jah love, no more tears, give praise, nah run lef mi fren, have a plan, jah love mi, shat a fyah, tear the road, the way life goes, YOU, we a look it, out yasso dread, watch me, mental maintenance entire album.”

“Those are just a few, I’ve done hundreds of songs that have just fallen by the wayside clouded by the HYPE of me saying the word “GYAL”. I literally BEGGG DJS radio and street to play these songs and it never works…”

“i do videos and same promo as a gal song. And now my brand is expanding rapidly and im being known as this artiste. Some will say “SO WHAT!! Stop bitching,at least you are achieving success, jus guh sing gal song and enjoy it”. I am very much that artiste… the problem is im not JUST that artiste. Big up @mavadogully , watched him sing for 30 mins without saying the word GAL an mi feel every word!! i left before GAL segment. That aspect of his career is ONE OF my dreams…,” he added.