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Konshens has broken his silence on the death of his older brother Delus last year.

The International Dancehall artist stopped by Onstage TV earlier this month and addressed a few topics including the negative criticisms he received after Delus’ suicide.

Konshens came under heavy fire from many Dancehall fans for allegedly not supporting his brother’s career nor mourning his death.

Speaking with Winford Williams Konshens revealed that the “What Tomorrow May Bring” singer was battling with depression for years before he took his life.

The “Bruk Off Yuh Back” singer also says it was tough dealing with the loss however he focused on his music as a coping mechanism.

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“I just keep myself distracted and just focused on work,” Konshens told Winford.

“In terms of the whole situation with him and what lead him to do something like that, I did some research into depression and because a lot of men have stories behind what he do what he did and I know what happen.”

“A lot of men are saying it was a woman problem and some were saying that he was trying to burst and it wasn’t working and they were saying he and I weren’t good, but it was nothing like that.”

“He is a strong youth and you can’t know when something is bothering him, but I get to understand that it was a deep rooted depression,” he added.

Watch the full show below.