Dancehall artiste Konshens surely had fans talking over the weekend after posting a bare chested video of himself enjoying the scenery of a luxurious apartment in Florida.

The “Bruck Off Yuh Back” deejay took to Instagram last Friday to share a few motivational words with fans but seemingly showed off more than he had originally intended as his camera temporarily revealed what seemed to be a handgun laying on a nearby nightstand.

“Good morning. How we feeling about today? Ready to go kick todays ass?? Lets go! Whatever the struggle, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical “COUNTER ATTACK IT NOW,” the deejay captioned his post.

The deejay’s shirtless post predictably attracted the attention of scores of female fans, who duly complimented him on his physique, but some more observant viewers quickly spotted the alleged weapon in a blink and miss it moment.

“Am I the only one who saw that gun,” one fan asked while another quickly replied “Nope we all saw it. We were suppose to see it maybe,” implying that it was no accident.

The incident seems to have sparked some degree of controversy among fans as many took to social media to blast the entertainer over the post calling it irresponsible.

“Put ya f***g bumbokt gun away… teach di youth dem or nuh? Konshens or nuh conscience?,” one fan blasted. While another questioned “Wah the gun fa? Wshy you a try setup you self G. Jus be careful. Remember simplicity we use to survive gm.”

However, it was not all negative comments for the deejay, as many of his more loyal fans came to his defense, pointing out that the entertainer had all rights to seek to protect himself.

“Yes that fi protect u self from them wicked people yah,” one female fan commented, while another said “Ppl a comment bout the gun… u guy not even know if it’s a licence firearm… and it’s protection.”