Dancehall artiste Konshens has sought to address Foota Hype’s recent allegations.

Over the last few weeks, Foota Hype shared a slew of posts online calling the “Gyal A Bubble” deejay several slurs while accusing him of being ungrateful.

The two reignited their beef online after Konshens commented on a video which heavily criticised Foota Hype for constantly bullying Koffee about her style of dress.

Konshens responding to all allegations Foota made on an Instagram Live a few days ago said, “Me realize say Foota wasn’t a blogger, him just a do this because him heart just corrupted. Unu realize say him just get a Youtube wha day yah?.”

“That means when him come on Instagram and talk about people and degrade them and mash dem up, it’s just for fun. It not even earn him money, so like me can’t even respect it and say yow it’s his job so leave him alone let him do him job, me can’t respect it.” the entertainer continued.

“We cant just sit by and allow it because him vocals are very powerful, fans ah go always hate and mek comments, but when you have a one person inna di industry whey mek it him point of duty fi attack people whey ah try…”

Konshens stated that when he first started his career he had to deal with similar attacks which Foota Hype has been launching against Koffee, therefore he encourages other artistes to speak about this.

“We need fi speak out..when you search Koffee name now and you type most recent uploads ah just that you ah see, when ah song you fi ah see. Yu fi ah see bumb*kl@@t “Lockdown” but instead you ah see blogs ah repost what Foota Hype ah say bout her and it don’t good fi we culture, it don’t good fi where we ah try go as a unit.” he said.

“Push the little girl…. Ah di music we ah deal wid bro…People, when you see dem ah fight dung the yute dem, mek sure unu bun dem out…Mek sure the yute dem know say dem nuh alone..we genre need unity, we genre need we fi identify the bright sparks dem and push dem” he continued.

Konshens then went onto speak about Foota Hype stating he engages in oral sex, “Foota nuh know nutten about what me ah do inna my bedroom, and me ah adult, yeah, and if me did ah eat di gyal dem you woulda been hear bout it, zeen, you woulda been ah hear bout it right?.”

“So me nuh need to come defend myself if me eat pu$$y or not…Koffee nuh suppose to rounda her yard and type een her name and see bloggers back and forth about her sexuality and she have wah big bumb*kl@@t song whey ah do it fi we right now,” Konz added.

Foota Hype responded to Konshens a couple days after in a YouTube Live, “Me know my worth enuh so nobody can’t style me…Inna entertainment now ah me ah di don..right yah now artiste wish fi mi cuss dem so dem go viral.” he said.