Konshens is a real stand-up guy.

On Sunday, the international recording artiste admitted that his viral outfit was a bit suspect while speaking with Dancehall fans online.

Responding to a message via his Instagram story, Konshens said his shirt was “kinda shakey” and he expected the backlash online.

Addressing I-Octane’s video the deejay added that, “Me just never like di part weh him seh “tek off di blouse.” dat neva sound steady.”

Konshens had initially asked his fans if he should’ve responded to I-Octane’s video and some used the opportunity to trash the Hot Ras however later Konz defended him. “It’s always your own trying to tear you down,” one fan wrote to which Konshens responded saying, “That’s true. But its not that serious man.”

“Just likkle fun and f**kry. Thats healthy in such a serious world. Nobody cyaa tear mi down,” he continued.

Konshens also hit back at a fan who said that I-Octane was just causing controversy to look a comeback in Dancehall – “Wah you mean!! Doah do that! Nuh diss mi DJ. YouTube “Plutocrat,” he said.

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