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Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are expecting their third child.

Kim and Kanye are now expecting a third child as the couple’s surrogate, a San Diego woman, is said to be three months pregnant, according to US Weekly.

According to TMZ, the couple hired the surrogate through an renown agency, and agreed to pay a $68,850 deposit plus $45,000 in 10 monthly installments of $4,500. The couple also agreed to pay $5,000 per additional child, should multiple children be born.

Along with keeping herself healthy, the surrogate is not allowed to go into hot tubs or saunas, handle or change cat litter, apply hair dye, eat raw fish, or drink more than one caffeinated drink a day. She is also required to forego sex for three weeks after embryo implantation.

In the agreement, Kim and Kanye “assume the legal and parental responsibilities for any child… that may possess any congenital or other abnormalities or defects.”