Khago is being accused of hitting below the belt during his ongoing beef with Tifa.

The controversial entertainer and Dancehall diva were locked into heated social media feud on Friday which resulted in a new harsh words.

Khago threw the first punch when he said Tifa was upset at the music industry because Shenseea took her place.

“You Miss Tifa… Yuh just upset fi know seh the driver seat weh you did sidung inna a Shenseea sidung inna it now,” Khago said in a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

Tifa then lashed out at the “Nah Sell Out” deejay when she uploaded a throwback video of his, “Dutty bwoy me did even feel sorry fi you cause me know wah it feel like fi get a fight,” she wrote.

The “JA Party” singer then alleged that Khago bought his “Walk A Mile” album to boost sales so he could chart and the Reggae Album Billboard however that was still not enough for him to remain relevant, “… Nobody still nuh care bout you, you a look hype? How you reach inna mi argument? You is a gyal?,” she continued.

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“You a look Romeich hood fi s**k fi a buss back??? Avoid me you hear Khago,” Tifa warned. “Is a different Tifa this! me deh a Europe a make me money, go find something constructive fi do with your life nastiness.”

Khago then returned with another video claiming he wasn’t direspecting Tifa however he seemingly took jabs at Tifa her disabilities.

“Tifa yuh done know seh we [tolerate] you because we [tolerate] special people dem,” Khago said raising a few eyebrows, before telling her to “go take some time off and go have two duck foot pitney.”

Watch Khago’s controversial response below.