Kasi Bennett and Usain Bolt are no strangers to cheating rumours.

Back in 2016, the Jamaican sprint legend infamously made headlines after he was photographed in bed with a Brazilian student following the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bolt was then spotted kissing a mystery woman in a Rio nightclub before taking his escapades to the United Kingdom. So how does his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett handle the bad publicity around their relationship? – Simple, she just ignores it!

According to Bennett, “Everybody has their own option however you just have to know who you are dating.” She added that persons might think they know Bolt through the media however “[she] knows the real person.”

Here Is What Usain Bolt Got Kasi Bennett For Valentine’s Day

Kasi made the statement during her cameo in upcoming Jamaican reality TV series ‘DI Island Girls’ while taking to former Miss Jamaica Universe contestant, Rebecca Silvera about her relationship issues with Rapper The Game. “He [Bolt] is a fellow Jamaica, he is loved so you know yeah……,” she added.

Silvera who stars in the series also chimed in saying Bolt said Kasi is the one that tamed him. “He [Usain Bolt] said that Kasi is the one that tamed him, like when he looks at his woman, he’s completely satisfied,” she said.

Rebecca also added that women should not walk away from relationships simply because their men cheat saying, “cause we all get bun, a just suh and if you say you’re gonna pick up and lef every man weh gi yuh bun you just gonna be a very lonely person.”

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