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Kasanova’s alleged disappearance is being labelled as a publicity stunt by Upcoming Dancehall artist Jonnah.

According to the former Magnum Kings and Queens winner, he spotted the former Alkaline affiliate in St Catherine recently.

In a video uploaded on Instagram Jonnah called out Kasanova saying he should go record some songs and “stop trick the people dem and gwaan like yu waan style the ting.”

He continued by blasting his reported disappearance saying it’s all a publicity stunt, “ah so oonu waan highlight? Ah so yu love likes and dem ting de bad man? Wah kinda controversy that? Ah tell people say yu dead and dem ting de. Stop tell lie, mi just see yu little while.”

Kasanova’s Family Speaks On His Disappearance

“Alkaline put in contact lenses and now yu a come fake your death. If yu have a real enemy and dem kill yu , then nothing caan come out of it because yu dun tell people say yu dead already, all eediat Lux know that,” he added.

However despite the video going viral, cops continue to say they’re unsure of the whereabouts of missing artist as they continue their investigation.