Kanye West continues to mourn the death of his mother Donda West.

On Saturday, the American rapper revealed that he will be using a photograph of his mom’s surgeon for the cover art for his forthcoming album.

“This is my album cover. This is plastic surgeon Jan Adams. The person who performed my moms final surgery. Do you have any title ideas?” West wrote along with a photo of the California doctor who operated on Donda before her sudden November 2007 death.

“I want to forgive and stop hating,” Yeezy texted to his friend named Wes.

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In January 2008, the Los Angeles coroner determined that Donda died of heart disease while suffering from “multiple post-operative factors” after plastic surgery. However, the autopsy failed to determine the exact role the post-op factors played in her death following liposuction and breast-reduction surgery.

According to the autopsy report, Donda walked out of the clinic after 5½ hours of surgery, heavily bandaged, and was prescribed Vicodin for pain. She opted to receive post-op care at her home, though she was advised to be looked after at another facility, the report said. Shortly after the procedure, she experienced a sore throat, pain and tightening in her chest before collapsing. She was pronounced dead in the hospital’s emergency room, officials said.