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Dancehall artiste Kalado says it was never his intent to provoke or mock anyone going through financial difficulties following the release of his visuals for new single “Bruk Foreigner.”

The track which was originally released in February of this year has been given a substantial boost following the release of its accompanying music video, which is being hailed as a very entertaining watch.

The 10-minute long video, which features the appearance of Dancehall comedic duo Twin of Twins, depicts a light-hearted scenario of a woman, “Chin Chin,” who visits Jamaica acting far above her sustainable lifestyle.

The “Bring Life” deejay says he is however concerned that some fans have already taken the visuals out of context, with some claiming he was mocking or ridiculing persons facing financial difficulties overseas.

According to Kalado, “Bruk Foreigner” was never intended to poke fun at anyone, but was rather a song to shed light on a existing mindset of some Jamaicans that all foreigners are rich, while also showing the other side of the coin how some visitors come to the island trying to look lavish, while they are actually broke.